Interesting places in Chicago area?

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 06:28:48 2002

Batavia is mostly west from Chicago - the I-88 tollway brings you into the
Eisenhower Expressway which will take you to tthe 1-90/94 Kennedy, then as
it goes south it becomes the Dan Ryan. There is a map for Fermi at their web

On the BW map you'll see where Ill Inst of tech is (known as IIT) - that's
the general area where MSI is at - it should be just east of IIT on 55th. Of
course there are other ways too, like going downtown when you dome into the
city on I-290 then going south on Michigan Ave (less of "the hood" to to go
thru, a lot longer trip)

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=> Whoa, I thought you meant that you and your ex were the ones
=> they used for the
=> body slices?!? I bet that was weird to see, at least you could
=> see what you ate that
=> day. Sorry, couldn't resist. Thanks for the tip though, don't
=> know if I'll have time to
=> go, how far is it from Fermi?
=> George
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=> > Holy crap - just looked at the site and under "human body
=> slices" I saw a
=> > pictue in BW of ME and my ex...that has to be from around
=> 1979, the last
=> > time I was at MSI...Weird to see that too. I'll have to send a
=> link to my ex
=> > and let her have a good laugh.
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