Free: older hardware, mainly PC

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 07:21:50 2002

At 05:43 PM 3/12/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Also, surface mount
>chips would be hard, since they are usually so small, although, I don't
>think uarts are made that way, none that I've noticed any way.
>Chad Fernandez
>Michigan, USA

Yes they are; most recent i/o cards have everything (decode logic,
buffers, UARTs, even line drivers/receivers) integrated
in a small SMC chip. Toss and replace. I like old serial
cards with jumpers, even if they have soldered UARTS and
drivers, because I can fix them and upgrade them. Plus, they're
usually double-sided and easy to work with.

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