Wow! Maybe my next old system

From: Erik S. Klein <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 11:25:59 2002

Why can't I ever find friends like that? :)

Congratulations in advance!

Erik S. Klein

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Subject: Wow! Maybe my next old system

You all know the story. Talking with an old friend.... Oh, you collect

He's got an Altair with MITS Hard disk controller and MITS HD. Working when
crated up years ago. Even the crate was cool, labled "Here lies Hazel, Rest
in Peace"

Here are some pics of Hazel

I told him about its value and collectability and I was about to get it for
free but his wife gummed things up a bit. But still, negotiations are
underway and it should be mine soon! Woo hoo!

- Mike:
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