Interesting places in Chicago area?

From: Feldman, Robert <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 11:26:52 2002

IIT is around 33rd Street, near the White Sox ball park; MSI is at 57th
street, 3 miles to the south and just east of the University of Chicago (8
hundreds, e.g. 32nd Street to 40th Street, is a mile) The MSI is about 2
miles _east_ of Michigan Ave. Best way to get there is by Lake Shore Drive.
You can get to IIT from the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Neither area is that safe at night. During the day, the IIT campus itself is
OK, but the area around it has a number of housing projects. The area north
and west of the University of Chicago/MSI is a bit dicey, also.


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Russ Blakeman said:
> On the BW map you'll see where Ill Inst of tech is (known as IIT) - that's
> the general area where MSI is at - it should be just east of IIT on 55th.
> course there are other ways too, like going downtown when you dome into
> city on I-290 then going south on Michigan Ave (less of "the hood" to to
> thru, a lot longer trip)

Yeah...but don't go visit IIT. seriously. the museum is on the museum
by the lake, which is pretty safe and nice, but you REALLY don't want to go
much west of there, especially if you're not from the area...

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