Suptnik and RT-11

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 18:37:44 2002

From: Bob Shannon <>

>IMHO, CP/M is unquestionably a direct rip-off of RT-11.

Killdal did say that DEC OSs (TOPS, OS8 and RT11)
were the inspiration. However, one place where CP/M
was not like RT-11 was the file system as CP/M did
dynamic allocation with fragmentation where RT-11
does not support fragmented files. All RT-11 files
(OS8 too) are contigious. In that respect RT-11 file
system is most identical to NS* DOS but the NS*
dos command structure and IO are must unlike

Internally RT-11 and CP/M are very dissimilar save for
some underlying concepts such as an overlayable
monitor, a modular resident IO subsystem and file

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