Semi-OT: PMac 6100 DOS

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 21:27:14 2002

 I think they only work with the Power Mac 6xxx series, otherwise:



> >Wow, ok. She had me convinced that it "always worked" in this
> >configuration, but that's clearly not true. She must've forgotten all
> >about the Mega-Dongle.
> Well... there is a chance she is right. If this was the "Houdini" card
> that worked with the 610 (or the Reply branded version)... of if this was
> the 7" or 12" 586 or Pentium cards that work with MANY of the PCI
> powermacs... then I could speak with much more certainty.
> BUT... I have never personally worked with (nor own) the card that works
> with the 630 and 6100. I have heard rumor that they in fact do not need a
> dongle, but the problem you are describing, fits with what will happen on
> a 610 if the dongle isn't present... so that makes me think that you DO
> in fact need a dongle for the 630/6100 card.
> Anyone have one of those cards they want to give me? (hopefully including
> the dongle if it is needed). It would round out my DOS card collection
> nicely.
> -chris
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