Semi-OT: PMac 6100 DOS

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 16:16:43 2002

>Wow, ok. She had me convinced that it "always worked" in this
>configuration, but that's clearly not true. She must've forgotten all
>about the Mega-Dongle.

Well... there is a chance she is right. If this was the "Houdini" card
that worked with the 610 (or the Reply branded version)... of if this was
the 7" or 12" 586 or Pentium cards that work with MANY of the PCI
powermacs... then I could speak with much more certainty.

BUT... I have never personally worked with (nor own) the card that works
with the 630 and 6100. I have heard rumor that they in fact do not need a
dongle, but the problem you are describing, fits with what will happen on
a 610 if the dongle isn't present... so that makes me think that you DO
in fact need a dongle for the 630/6100 card.

Anyone have one of those cards they want to give me? (hopefully including
the dongle if it is needed). It would round out my DOS card collection


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