Semi-OT: PMac 6100 DOS

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 22:50:07 2002

 Chris , I'm sorry, you're totally wrong. The 26 pin connector is for an
Apple Audio Vision monitor. No F--king Dongle.


> >The video dongle looks like a simple cable, but it must have some sort of
> >electronic switch in it as well.
> >It switches the monitor between the PCs video output and the Mac's video
> >output.
> >
> >As a workaround, however, I remember that you CAN plug in two monitors
> >simultaneously -- one that shows
> >what is going on on the PC and another, the Mac...
> I don't think there is a switch in the cable, but rather I think it loops
> some signals back to the PC card, which causes the switch over.
> And yes, you can plug two monitors in, and run both at the same time...
> BUT... you still need the dongle to do that... as the dongle is the only
> way to get the video OFF the older DOS cards. If you want to run two
> monitors, you just don't plug the loopback portion into the Mac's video.
> -chris
> <>
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