Semi-OT: PMac 6100 DOS

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 16:12:41 2002

>The video dongle looks like a simple cable, but it must have some sort of
>electronic switch in it as well.
>It switches the monitor between the PCs video output and the Mac's video
>As a workaround, however, I remember that you CAN plug in two monitors
>simultaneously -- one that shows
>what is going on on the PC and another, the Mac...

I don't think there is a switch in the cable, but rather I think it loops
some signals back to the PC card, which causes the switch over.

And yes, you can plug two monitors in, and run both at the same time...
BUT... you still need the dongle to do that... as the dongle is the only
way to get the video OFF the older DOS cards. If you want to run two
monitors, you just don't plug the loopback portion into the Mac's video.


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