From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 01:57:19 2002

Uh OE and Netscape are freebies too - you get OE with the OS and Nutscrape
just by downloading it. You can make either of them do text as well.

I really can't believe that anyone that uses the net these days on an older
machine cares - most anything is HTML, Java, Perl, etc and then Flash must
totally blast the old machines. I use a fairly modern machine for internet
work, only tinker with the old ones on the net. The days of the ASCII/ANSI
BBS's has pretty well passed except for the diehards that keep theirs up for
local hangouts.

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=> > Sorry about the HTML - I have now discovered a difference between
=> > Pegasus mail V3 and Pegasus mail v4 - V3 worked properly, V4 puts
=> > ****ing HTML everywhere ****ing where.
=> No it doesn't, so don't blame Pegasus. I use Pegasus V4 as
=> well, upgraded
=> from V3. You had to have turned on HTML in e-mail for it to do
=> that...don't try to scapegoat Pegasus.
=> Everyone who uses Outhouse Express should immediately go to the Pegasus
=> website and download a copy of Pegasus which is FREEWARE and about 1000
=> times better than that horrid piece of shit that Microscoff passes off as
=> software.
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