Interesting places in Chicago area?

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 01:47:05 2002

See how long it's been for me? Anyway I used to go to IIT, also used to get
off the bus in front of Cabrini-Green - never a problem. I last worked off
Canal near Sears Tower and got off at 1am and other than a pot smoking
stoned CTA driver I never had problems.

I do still remember when they dug out the Dan Ryan near my grandparent's
place where the Ryan, I-57 and the Calumet all meet/split and when ML King
Drive was called South Park.

I sure miss the old ballpark too and the old Greek neighborhood around it.
The new one looks like a salad bowl made of concrete that you should set out
for birds to bathe in.

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=> IIT is around 33rd Street, near the White Sox ball park; MSI is at 57th
=> street, 3 miles to the south and just east of the University of
=> Chicago (8
=> hundreds, e.g. 32nd Street to 40th Street, is a mile) The MSI is about 2
=> miles _east_ of Michigan Ave. Best way to get there is by Lake
=> Shore Drive.
=> You can get to IIT from the Dan Ryan Expressway.
=> Neither area is that safe at night. During the day, the IIT
=> campus itself is
=> OK, but the area around it has a number of housing projects. The
=> area north
=> and west of the University of Chicago/MSI is a bit dicey, also.
=> Bob
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=> > On the BW map you'll see where Ill Inst of tech is (known as
=> IIT) - that's
=> > the general area where MSI is at - it should be just east of
=> IIT on 55th.
=> Of
=> > course there are other ways too, like going downtown when you dome into
=> the
=> > city on I-290 then going south on Michigan Ave (less of "the
=> hood" to to
=> go
=> > thru, a lot longer trip)
=> Yeah...but don't go visit IIT. seriously. the museum is on the museum
=> campus
=> by the lake, which is pretty safe and nice, but you REALLY don't
=> want to go
=> much west of there, especially if you're not from the area...
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