impressive CI - SCSI storage rack from MTI (RAID?)

From: David Barnes <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 07:45:23 2002

Sounds like an MTI Stingray subsystem... what specifically would you like to
know? I had a few in operation years ago on a cluster of 6230's.

Gunther Schadow wrote:

> Hi ho,
> now I hauled it home, the modules of this very impressive MTI
> StorageWare assembly. It's a marvellous piece of super redundant
> 24/7 operational gear for any VAX cluster. The fun starts with
> a box that probably emulates an HSC90 or so, that one has two
> power supplys, and there are two of those boxes each having the
> 4 redundant CI connectors. Each box has 3 SCSI (?) connectors
> that run to another 4-box assembly and there is another layer
> of redundancy. Then all this drives 4 arrays of 4GB SCSI disks
> each having 8 such disks. I conclude that this must be a RAID
> array, because I don't know how else one could address 8 disks
> on a SCSI bus (isn't 7 devices appart from the controller the
> maximum?) Initially it seemed straight-forward to use as a
> simple CI/HSC to SCSI adapter, but now it looks like this stuff
> is best kept as one big impressive unit. I'm going to try find
> the manuals for this too. Does anyone have experience with
> this kind of gear?
> regards,
> -Gunther
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