impressive CI - SCSI storage rack from MTI (RAID?)

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 23:27:05 2002

Hi ho,

now I hauled it home, the modules of this very impressive MTI
StorageWare assembly. It's a marvellous piece of super redundant
24/7 operational gear for any VAX cluster. The fun starts with
a box that probably emulates an HSC90 or so, that one has two
power supplys, and there are two of those boxes each having the
4 redundant CI connectors. Each box has 3 SCSI (?) connectors
that run to another 4-box assembly and there is another layer
of redundancy. Then all this drives 4 arrays of 4GB SCSI disks
each having 8 such disks. I conclude that this must be a RAID
array, because I don't know how else one could address 8 disks
on a SCSI bus (isn't 7 devices appart from the controller the
maximum?) Initially it seemed straight-forward to use as a
simple CI/HSC to SCSI adapter, but now it looks like this stuff
is best kept as one big impressive unit. I'm going to try find
the manuals for this too. Does anyone have experience with
this kind of gear?


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