DEC3000/300X memory?

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 09:50:55 2002

Rumor has it that Zane H. Healy may have mentioned these words:
>> Does anyone know a good, inexpensive source for the proprietary 32MB
>> DEC3000/300 memory SIMMS. I'd like to give my 3000 (300X in a rackmount
>> kit) some longer legs.
>> Ken
>Are they in fact proprietary? I thought that it used the same as a
>DEC3000/300LX. With the 300LX, if I remember correctly, all you need is
>72-pin True Parity SIMMs.

AFAIK, it's standard parity memory as well... what's better - 70ns or 60ns,
or does it matter?

Anyway, the absocheapest place I found (I was looking to upgrade my wife's
DEC 3000/300 until I stumbled across a Compaq P2-350Mhz server - working -
for $50.

[I still have the machine - I'm thinking of turning that into my "VMS
document server" as I don't have any dead tree-based documentation and I
can't get DECWindows [or much anyting else running on my ratzenframbling
8-plane grafix board... :-( ] on my MicroVAX 3100/m38...]

I did a *lot* of searching and I finally came across:

they have 60 & 70ns memory 32Meg sticks for USD $15.49 each ... beats the
heck out of the $60-$70 I was finding at most other memory websites...

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