Netscape Mail, was Re: HTML in EMAIL

From: Allison <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 12:02:06 2002


I use OutlookExpress at times, with the right settings it's pretty solid
and can be made virus proof! Hint, disable VBSscripting! Why anyone
would link a programming language to email is beyond me. Disabling
COMx and ActiveX controls is easy enough. There is no excuse for
HTML unless someone set a system profile removing those controls
from reach, in that case us you own system not the companies.
Propagating bugs like Loveletter is an example of user ignorance.

I also like RFDmail, an old shareware Win3.1 program that runs fine
under Win/nt4. It's even better as it's HTML dumb, virus proof and
generally knows little of mime types that are not clear text.

Nyetscrap communicator is fairly nice and complete. Plenty setable.
My prefered version is communicator4.75, browser 4.08. Both
downloadable free last I looked.

Then there are the longer list of freeware mailers. Theres no excuse for
living with crud. There is also no excuse for not knowing how to "drive"
what you have.

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