NEWS: Old Atari games play on Sony Ericsson phones

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Date: Thu Mar 14 15:07:03 2002

On 14-Mar-2002 Bryan Pope wrote:
> Jus' a little news blurb:
> Mar 14, 2002 8:30 AM PT
> Old Atari games play on Sony Ericsson phones
> Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson on Thursday announced partnerships
> with two companies making games for mobile phones in its drive to
> challenge handset market leader Nokia through mobile entertainment.
> The newly formed handset maker, Sony Ericsson, said partnerships with
> iFone and Synergenix would enable consumers to download some games for
> free from the Sony Ericsson Web site, or access others for a fee from
> an operator's Web site. IFone will be providing games from its Atari
> catalogue, including classics such as Asteroids and Pong. --Reuters
> This is from: is not infact ZDnet, but a very clever site pretending to be
ZDnet. The purpose of the site is seems to be to propagate memes the
authors agree with.

Click on Page One, you go to
( redirects to which has
"Open-source flaw threatens MS code" and other items that wouldn't normaly
show up on an corporate-ass-licking site like ZDnet.

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