NEWS: Old Atari games play on Sony Ericsson phones

From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 13:06:22 2002

Jus' a little news blurb:

Mar 14, 2002 8:30 AM PT
Old Atari games play on Sony Ericsson phones
Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson on Thursday announced partnerships
with two companies making games for mobile phones in its drive to
challenge handset market leader Nokia through mobile entertainment.

The newly formed handset maker, Sony Ericsson, said partnerships with
iFone and Synergenix would enable consumers to download some games for
free from the Sony Ericsson Web site, or access others for a fee from
an operator's Web site. IFone will be providing games from its Atari
catalogue, including classics such as Asteroids and Pong. --Reuters

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P.S. Happy PI day!!!
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