[Maybe OT] A/UX installation

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Fri Mar 15 08:37:15 2002

> > cdrecord -speed 8 -dev 0,6,0 -eject -v AUX_3.0.1_Install.toast_image
> I don't know if this works or not. I don't know if the image is "real ISO"
> (I used Toast, so I couldn't say).
> > When I try to boot up on a IIci, the floppy works ok, and it starts to
> > search for the CD in the CD drive. The cd drive is a toshiba 5401B, I
> > pulled from an alpha. It never finds a valid disk. So, to try to
> > figure out what was wrong, I used BasiliskII (a mac-on-unix emulation)
> > and tried to mount the CD image as a disk under system 7.6...and it
> > wanted to format it. Should the CD be mountable?
> No, it shouldn't be. Toast complained about it too, but it worked fine
> for installation. The boot disk is needed to mount it.

I have lots of trouble with older 68k Macs that were used
by clueless lusers... in particular, here at my current
orkplace, our #1 Mac advocate didn't realize you have to
power off the system and SCSI devices when attaching them/
removing hem from the chain. I'm not sure what goes bad after
five years of connecting/dosconnecting with the power on
(the terminator resistors shouldn't be affected, should they)?

But I run into this a lot; I have little luck with CDs
on Macs, and more trouble with outboard drives in general
than I'd care to say...

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