Netscape Mail, was Re: HTML in EMAIL

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Fri Mar 15 10:26:02 2002

>Marvin Johnston wrote:

> I've been using Netscape mail for years with no problems! The only
> downside is that for some unknown reason, the database format they use
> doesn't reclaim the space when messages are moved out of a folder. After
> a while, I have a 50 Mb Inbox with nothing in it. The solution is to
> delete it and the index file, preferably when empty :), and the system
> will put it back. Same thing with other folders except you need to
> recreate the deleted file manually.

Jerome Fine replies:

I am currently using Netscape V4.03 and very shortly will be shifting
to V4.78 - although I have heard that V4.75 is recommended.

In all of these versions, you can set the empty space factor to
compress the file automatically via the:
"EDIT/Preferences/Advanced/Disk Space"
option settings. In addition, in the later versions, the pull down menu
from "FILE" also allows you to compact all files.

However, I do intend to use your solution - which I did find myself
as well - to transfer all of my Netscape files to a "newer" system.
I will start with the default set of files that are empty. Then delete
them ALL and copy the files from the "older" system into the
"MAIL" directory.

I have found that the same is not allowed for newsgroups - in this
case, I will need to "subscribe" again on the "newer" system.

> I don't care for HTML in messages, and set it to use plain text. I don't
> know the default character set but mine is set to Western (ISO-8859-1).

Likewise. However, one very convenient feature of Netscape is that
all "plain text" URLs are automatically converted to a "Link" by
Netscape - so all of those URLs that appear in messages can be
found just by clicking the mouse on that URL - it does not need
to be typed into the system at that point. I also have an e-mail
to myself that I keep in the Drafts file which contains a list of
URLs that I am interested in. I find it much more convenient than
using "Bookmarks" and much more flexible for my use.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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