From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Fri Mar 15 10:26:30 2002

>Andreas Freiherr wrote:

> I became a happy Netscape user long before it had anything to do with
> AOL (don't remember if it was V2.x or V3.x), and before I switch to M$,
> they must either brainwash or force me, or they must learn how to write
> programs (not just GUIs!).

Jerome Fine replies:

I started with Netscape V4.03 (what I am using right now) about
4 years ago. It is a bit outdated, but has a few features.

> What adjustment is it that you are looking for in Netscape? - Maybe I
> can give you a hint? Selecting either HTML or plain text as the mail
> format is really easy, and if you try to forward HTML-formatted mail to
> recipients who prefer text-only, you can even _opt_ to be asked before
> sending. Is that "unconfigurable"? ;-)

When I upgrade to a newer system (hopefully within a week or two),
I will be using Netscape V4.78 - how do you turn off automatic
advertising downloads? When I bring up Netscape Mail for the first
time during any session, before I can click on a given e-mail in the
InBox, the adds start all by themselves - can that be configured as
well - to be OFF?

Also, I have many old e-mails saved and posts from news groups.
Can those be easily saved and moved to my "newer" system?
Right now, when I move to the newer system and upgrade to
V4.78, I have tested what needs to be done. I just have to
move all the files in the MAIL directory over to the MAIL
directory in the new system - trivial - I hope!!!!
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