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From: James B. DiGriz <jbdigriz_at_dragonsweb.org>
Date: Fri Mar 15 12:07:16 2002

Sellam Ismail wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, James B. DiGriz wrote:
>>Maybe you would find it addresses your annoyance more satisfactorily to
>>go to your nearest friendly local ambitious DA keen to to be seen as
>>tough on Internet fraud, and offer him or her this here low-hanging
>>fruit. Call in the FTC, FDIC, your bank manager, etc. and set up a
>>sting. Whatever. Then, when you find out who it is, and where they are,
>>let me know and I'll gladly go beat the living crap out of them.
> Look, I couldn't care less who falls for this scam. The way I see it, it
> will just put money in the hands of people smarter than the ones losing
> it, and that's a net positive effect.

I wouldn't exactly call the sender a rocket scientist, what with begging
for a easy felony conviction, but you're right, that's irrelevant.

> I just don't want this shit to litter my ClassicCmp inbox. Regular spam
> was bad enough, this is simply horrid.

You know, if it was for real, I really would be upset by it. The nerve
of some grafting bureaucrat or despotic politician who probably sucked
the life's blood out of their fellow countrymen whining about being
deprived of their ill-gotten booty. I'd direct them to the nearest
firing squad, not help them get their millions back.

>>However, annoying as spam may be, I don't see how that justifies turning
>>the list into a ghetto. Restricting access because it might be abused is
>>throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It punishes the innocent as
>>well as the guilty. That's just wrong, whatever you think about spam.
>>There's no valid reason for this list to be restricted this way.
> HELL-FUCKING-O!?? Whoever said we would be restricting access!? Nothing
> personal, James, but you and everyone else who keeps bringing this
> non-issue up are idiots! Anyone who wants to post can SUBSCRIBE! That's
> why it's called a MAILING LIST! You SUBSCRIBE to a MAILING LIST so that
> you can participate!
> I don't subscribe to a mailing list so that I can be bombarded with SPAM
> from it! FUCK!!!!!!!

I'm just telling you like it is. It's called outreach. There is gear in
the hands of people who, say, come across the archives from links, who
will have no interest whatsoever in subscribing, and we need to keep it
as easy as possible for them to post, or stuff will get junked that

>>It's also damaging. The people we want to reach are precisely those who
>>will frankly just not bother to offer old gear to be rescued if they
>>have to go to the trouble of subscribing.

I don't think you really mean that. I think you mean you want to stop
spam on the list. Fine. Do that. Careful with the collateral damage is
all I'm saying.

>>Personally, I will unsubscribe if this happens.
> BYE!

Not going anywhere anytime soon that I know of. I just meant that the
list would no longer be worthwhile for me in that case, too.

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