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From: Jerome Fine <jhfine_at_idirect.com>
Date: Fri Mar 15 18:27:40 2002

>James B. DiGriz wrote:

> >Sellam Ismail wrote:
> > I don't think Jay has enough time to manage the list anymore. I suggest
> > we find a new operator.
> Heh, you think or one or two spams every couple of weeks is bad, you
> should see some of the other lists I'm on. Yahoo groups even provide
> their own spam, in HTML yet.

Jerome Fine replies:

When the ratio of comments on spam to the actual spam is less than
1:1, then I will start to consider if I should take Sellam's comments
seriously. As long as the number of comments on spam is even
equal to the number of spam, then it can't be that significant a problem.

As is is, the ratio is at least 10:1, so I don't think anyone can be
suffering that much. If we all were so concerned, we would just
hit the DELETE key and stop making comments. PERIOD.

> Jay runs a pretty tight ship on a high-volume list, and without throwing
> his weight around, either. I'd say he's doing a fine job, and I don't
> know anyone else who'd have the required time or patience to put into it.

I certainly would not want Sellam to take over - at least Jay takes
the attitude that all changes should be made slowly.

Plus, I have yet to see just how many e-mails make it to the
list from off-list sources. If there ever is any action needed,
I would want that to at least be the first step. Just add the
four characters [OL] at the start of every message from off
the list. That will provide some measure of how often it
happens. It would also determine just how many messages
some one would need to monitor if a counter was kept.
If it is fewer than 10 a week, it would not be much of a job.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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