Schematics or repar informations for a HP9845B

From: Kevin Schoedel <>
Date: Sat Mar 16 00:00:27 2002

> Aren't we all! I've been looking for that stuff for about five years.
>The closest that I came was a 9845 service manual on E-bay but some SOB
>sniped it at the last second. I checked with the seller and he said it
>wasn't much of a manual and there were no schematics in it and only a few
>power supply test points. (the 9815 "service manual" is the same way).

I have a copy of the service manual -- got it with my 9845B -- and this is
correct; it's essentially just instructions for swapping modules.

I do hope to get around to scanning it one day anyway.

Kevin Schoedel
Received on Sat Mar 16 2002 - 00:00:27 GMT

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