Email handlers (was Re: Netscape Mail, was Re: HTML in EMAIL)

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Sat Mar 16 00:28:27 2002

> On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Allison wrote:
> > Then there are the longer list of freeware mailers. Theres no excuse
> > living with crud. There is also no excuse for not knowing how to
> > what you have.

Doc replied:
> Pine. It Isn't Just For Unix Anymore!
> There are Win32 ports now. I think there's a fairly stable MacOS <10
> port.
> Mutt has more features, and allows more granular tuning, but Pine is
> way easy to drive.

Okay. I'm probably the last person still using Microsoft Mail. It works
okay, but I can't find any information about security holes (or lack of
them) in this program, and it does not include the headers in messages
which I forward, so it's no good for reporting spam.

Sellam, I tried Pegasus v4 and the windows kept popping up in really odd
locations and sizes. It also has *way* more bells and whistles than I

Doc, I tried Pine, but the Win9x version requires that I be on-line to read
email. I want to send/receive, logoff, and then read and compose new mail.
 Other than that, it looks okay.

Can some one suggest a simple offline email handler that isn't giving that
"come hither" look to every Trojan on earth? And that's free?

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