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Date: Sat Mar 16 02:23:37 2002

I Second that!
Firstly, regardless of your position on this matter, we must
all realize that we are enjoying the *privledge* of using this
*public* forum for discourse.

This privledge is granted purely by Jay's unselfish contribution
of time, effort, and bandwith. We owe Jay alot-- hassling him
for something that is part and parcel with a public forum such
as ours is unjustified and unfair.

The burden of keeping our forum relevent does not lie with one
person-- it lies with us all. Help preserve our relevence by
keeping your posts on-topic (yeah I know, I'm a guilty party too).

Yes, a few bums use our forum as a sleeping place, stinking it
up as they tend to do. But we have the power to evict them with
the <DEL> key. A small effort by many, is more powerful than
a great effort by a few (or the one).

It's cold, here in Kansas. I think I'll break up this soapbox,
and make a nice warm fire. Maybe I'll even roast a few hotdogs.


On Fri, 15 Mar 2002 23:53:00 -0800 "William R. Buckley" <>
> Moral: Jay, given that you were granted control, and given that
> others were fully satisfied with your having such control (and the
> attendent responsibilities), it is clear that you should not give up
> control (lest the list go the way of the ICWS) and you should stick to
> guns.
> My vote is for Jay!
> William R. Buckley
> Sellam Wrote....
> > Ok, this is where I object. It is NOT your list. This list
> That's funny you should say that now Sellam, because you were the
> first one
> to post to me privately during the great "reply-to" debate that "it
> is your
> list, take care of it well....", and "you make the rules... do what
> you
> wish". I will go dig up your past private email to me that said just
> that if
> you would like. You have also posted words similar to that on the
> list in
> the past, I noted them well. I find it interesting that you are
> suddenly
> changing your tune. Does your past stance on this issue no longer
> mesh with
> your adgenda perhaps?
> > I don't want you to be the one to decide solely
> > how it is run. I, for one, would like some input on issues.
> You do get some input. I listen. However I also make the final
> determination. If you don't like it, or feel that I don't get
> reasonable
> input from the list members, please feel free to start an alternate
> list -
> that appears to be your motivation in any case.
> > That was true before. Unfortunately, the list has now been
> infiltrated
> > with spammers, which is quite unfortunate.
> Infiltrated with Spammers? See Jerome's recent post on this topic
> for a
> reality check Sellam.
> > Kill all off-topic messages (start with this one) as well as
> > spam.
> That statement is what a flamer would call a "target rich
> environment". I
> think I'll leave the gauntlet on the ground.
> > Jay, don't take this too personally, but that answer SUCKS! When
> will you
> > be "damn well ready"? The list asked for a solution several weeks
> ago. I
> > think it's time to finally do something.
> Sellam, you're trying to bait me. I'm not falling for it. Live with
> it.
> Jay West

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