List Management - RESPONSE

From: Bill Richman <>
Date: Sat Mar 16 03:40:14 2002

I'd have to agree that the worst "noise" on the list comes, not from
spammers, but from the people complaining about the spammers or making fun
of them, or (worse yet) analyzing the content of the spam. Seeing
some of these same people rake the list moderator over the coals for not
"doing something about it" is like hearing someone complain about smog
while driving a car that constantly belches blue smoke. What's wrong with
this picture? I don't know Jay - in fact, I don't know that I've ever
even exchanged e-mail with him - but I've rarely seen much on this list
that's OT that hasn't been generated by regular list members. Sure, it's
disappointing when some scumbag spammer sneaks a message onto the list now
and again, but it's even more disappointing that some people can't just
ignore the occasional spam and move on, without filling up the list with
_responses_ to the spam. If someone farts in a business meeting, do you spend
the next 10 minutes of the meeting complaining loudly about it, or do you
just wince/shrug/smirk to yourself and carry on? I'd say anyone who hosts
this list and puts up with the comments from such a mixed bag of
eccentrics, neurotics, and overgrown kids as comprises this list deserves
a gold star - not a black eye.

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