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Date: Sat Mar 16 08:14:12 2002

> Where are you located? I'm just outside of Orlando Florida.

 I'm in the Netherlands, so that's not exactly next door. But I don't think I'm
going to have much trouble finding a HP-85, at least I hope not.
> > About two months ago I noticed a complete HP-85 (tapes, manuals and a 19"
> > rack with HP-IB equipment)
> Was it on a pull out drawer and in a cabinet that was about 18" tall?
> If so I've seen those before, they're a data acquision system and it
> usually has a HP 3497 Data Acquision unit in the bottom. There's a number
> for the complete unit but I can't remeber exactly what it is. Somewhere I
> have a couple of manuals and tapes for that system.

 Yes, that sounds exactly like it. Usually they have stuff standing there for a
few months, but this one was gone pretty quick. They normally have lots of
weird computer systems (not at the moment; I checked last Friday and it was
almost empty), but I tend to stick to the smaller systems; mostly what you see
are industrial controllers in 2m tall 19" racks....

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