List Management - RESPONSE

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Sat Mar 16 08:18:40 2002

> Here's a great test. If the thought of using the list to respond to an
> off-topic posting is appealing but responding to just the individual
> originator of the message isn't, then I'd suggest that maybe you have an
> ego problem that is being fed by having a semi-captive audience.

I'm in total agreement with this. Believe it or not, each and
every time I make first response to such a thread, I do so with
the intention of sending it only to the poster... then just after
I click send, I once again realize that REPLY goes to the list
instead of the SENDER and REPLY TO ALL doesn't work at all... [0]

Once I've done that I regret it, but admittedly not enough to
stop my subsequent OT posts in that thread.

Recently, I've had just enough presence of mind to remember
to re-address the message.

Outlook is programmable, so it can be made to operate the
way I want it to regardless of how brain-dead the listserver
software might be (I haven't been happy with any listservers
other than the IBM BITNET-hosted ones; this seems to be a function
no one else can do right). I guess I need to get started,
as soon as the Cyber simulator is finished...

[0] If you can't believe that anyone can be this absent-minded,
    then you haven't interacted with a very wide range of people

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