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From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sat Mar 16 08:22:24 2002

I've only seen their posts and I know from a question to them that they're
on the NW side of Columbus. Some of their stuff is reasonable and some is
less than desirable. If I had known of t hem when I went to Columbus to
pickup my Netserver from Computer Success I would have had time to check
their place out. I asked them about a Netserver for parts they have/had on
lately and never got a reply so I never persued it.

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=> []On Behalf Of Robert Schaefer
=> > Huh?!? I've never heard of these guys, but I suspect that maybe I
=> > should. They aren't in the phone book under that name, and a search
=> > of NSI with whois shows the domain registered out of Colorado...
=> They're in Hilliard, IIRC. Never been there, but I took a long
=> hard look at
=> an old server they had on epay a while back. They encouraged
=> people to come
=> by and check out the kit before bidding. At one time, I thought I knew
=> which building they were in, but now I'm not so sure-- I drove
=> past one day
=> (didn't have a chance to stop) and it didn't look like a computer
=> warehouse/store.

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