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From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Sat Mar 16 12:07:17 2002

>Jay West wrote:

> > > At 09:30 PM 3/15/2002 +0000, Sellam Ismail wrote:
> > >I don't want you to be the one to decide solely
> > >how it is run.
> Interesting to me that Sellam shoud say that he doesn't want me to be the
> one to decide solely how the list is run. There is a rather amusing footnote
> to that which I really didn't want to share. But....
> At the time of the last major political flame war on the list, I received
> tons of email from many people DEMANDING that I ban Sellam. I refused, on
> that occasion, for reasons that I am not sure I can now recall. That is the
> only time I have ever gone against the majority will of the list. So Sellam,
> you are here only BECAUSE I am the one to decide solely how it is run.
> Nuff said, lets get back to the list topic please

Jerome Fine replies:

That is what life is all about - you win some, you lose some. (Humour!)

Actually, I am pleased you refused to ban Sellam - since I suspect that
having him is more of an advantage overall. In fact, a big advantage.

In closing, I also vote that Jay has the final decision on how to run
the list - since Jay has always shown reasonable judgement in the past.

And last, but again probably most, thank you Jay.
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