VAX 6400 booting saga: SUCCESS!

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sun Mar 17 00:26:41 2002

--- Gunther Schadow <> wrote:
> I did it! I did it! I did it! Yeah!

  Yay! Congratulations!

> and for the other machines, get the MFM drive for my uVAX
> formatted (need to produce a diagnostics tape for that.) Start
> up my VAX 11/780, turn it into a 785 and make a dual CPU
> machine from it. Install the PDP-8/A rack and make it going.

  I've got one. The project for the night is to try a dd dump of the
MVII Diags tape and see if it'll generate a bootable dupe. If it
works, I'll get an image to you.
> Final question for today: is there a program that rips an exact
> tape image from a physical tape (TK70). I have that diagnostics
> tape on a TK70 but need to move it onto TK50. The TK50 drive
> is not happy on the TQK70 controller (or VMS isn't happy with
> it.) So, I need to make a binary image, move it to laptop,
> boot uVAX-II/NetBSD and write it on TK50.

  No dd?


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