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From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sun Mar 17 00:18:53 2002

  First, let me apologize for claiming you hadn't responded to the old
spam-control thread. After I was reminded, I remembered.
  I still would like to see the online archives up to date, and I
probably have time to help with that any way you'd like.

--- Jay West <> wrote:
> Symptoms - inbound connections from remote mail servers experience a
> long delay after the connection is made before sendmail acknowledges
> the connection. Most of the time the mail goes through, but the long
> pause bothers me. Other times the remote mail server times out, and
> retries later, but gets through. As a result, it appears that mail is
> going through but is significantly delayed. The error message is the
> typical "timeout waiting for..... during client greeting". No, the
> problem is definitely not reverse DNS (ident) or low level network
> related - the typical causes for that problem.

  Other symptoms - I'm subscribed under 2 accounts (just for this
weekend) because the server is flaking and I can't get
into the building. I tried to post from the "" and
got a bounce error from - user unknown. I'll forward the
bounce privately if you want. Second, I'm getting the list traffic on
this account literally hours before it shows on mdrconsult. I'm
reasonably sure that's not on this end.
  Not bitching, mind you, just offering fodder for the diagnostics.

> I will post to the list once the problem is resolved, unless I choose
> to finally get some sleep.

  So go to bed, already. We all know how to deal with withdrawal
  Thanks for all the fishes.


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