DEC RC25 docs

From: Andreas Freiherr <>
Date: Sun Mar 17 12:37:59 2002


still looking for RC25 docs? - There are 21 pages about this topic in
volume III of the "LSI-11 Systems Service Manual", DEC order no.
EK-LSIFS-SV-005 (that's 5th edition, Jan. 1985). Drawings of the drives,
specs, connection diagrams, operating procedures, indicator readings,
setup information etc.

I might scan this stuff and send directly. Want me to? - Or, does
somebody have write access to a place where we can make it available
on-line? (Not the whole manual, I'm not going to flip well over 1,100
pages manually!)


Brian Roth schrieb:
> Does anyone have hardware docs for a DEC RC25 dual drive? I just received a
> couple and was planning to install one of them in my 11/725 but the power
> connectors are different. Any help would be appreciated. I am also looking
> for a spare CPU set for an 11/34.
> I'll be out of town until Sun so thanks in advance.
> Brian.
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