IBM System/36 SSP on 5.25"

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Date: Sun Mar 17 18:07:43 2002

... back again with my periodic thread on System/36 IBM mini-computers...

When I last left you... we were all bitching about SPAM. This week... we're
bitching about SPAM?!

The 5362 is in good health, and I've started to fool around with actually
using it. As soon as I can find the LAN interface for it I'll integrate
into the rest of my motteley managerie on line (the better to play with
over VPN while travelling). To get to this point I hacked the security
file, deliberately corrupted the VTOC and re-installed the SSP. I found
scanning the disk sector by sector for appropriate files an... experience.
Worked though.

The 5360 was successfully moved from a printers workshop into it's
temporary storage unit. My back is recovering. The U-Haul van started
mysteriously burning oil. Co-incidence? You be the judge. Can't say as I've
powered her up -- or even done a proper inventory of part numbers. I'm sure
that's all something to look forward to, or at least it will be next time I
can spare the day to drive down to Hartford.

The 5363 arrived while I was away on client site. I get power and error
messages on it right now. Still investigating....

Steve Robertson gets gold stars for his assist along the way. I've acquired
his set of System/36 documentation. Slowly it makes it's way across my
scanner. The prospect of buying a page feeder gets more appealing every

Which leads me to the subject line of this e-mail: I have the SSP set on 8"
disk, but that's not only a different format but a different version than
what's supposed to be used on the late System/36 like a 5363. The 5363
continued to add version numbers to the SSP in a 5.25" version. The 8"
stopped around V5. I'd like to bring the 5363 around, but I could use some
additional tools to do it. Anyone out there holding onto a 5.25" SSP set?

Warmest, SPAM-free regards,
Colin Eby
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