DEC RRD43 terminator

From: Alan Pearson <>
Date: Mon Mar 18 05:00:15 2002

Been googling for info on the DEC RRD43 CD drive with
little success over the last couple of days. So, a
couple of questions for the DEC gurus out there:

Does anyone know what the various jumper settings are?
I'm trying to work out how the thing is currently

There are two "centronics-style" connectors on the back.
Do I need a terminator for one if the other's plugged
into a VAXstation?

What does it mean when the yellow LED flashes? At the
moment I don't have a cable to hook it up so I switched
it on standalone just to see what happened. The yellow
LED flashes and the only way I can open the CD tray is
to stick an unfolded paperclip into the release hole :-)
Is this something to worry about or just due to the drive
not being hooked up to the VAXstation?

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