Sony FDD MFD-17W-L5(MD-F17W-L5)

From: Seung-Goo Kim <>
Date: Mon Mar 18 11:19:15 2002

I have Sony FDD named MFD-17W-L5(or MD-F17W-L5). It has black mounting panel and one selection switch that has 4 selections from 0 to 3. When the switch set 2, it works after booting. However, I cannot boot using this FDD. And the LED does not work during reading/writing. Please let me know how can I boot using this FDD and make LED run. My compuster is composed of super 7 M/B(PC-Chips M577) with AWADR BIOS, K6-233 CPU, and Windows 98se. Thanks...
Received on Mon Mar 18 2002 - 11:19:15 GMT

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