Sony FDD MFD-17W-L5(MD-F17W-L5)

From: Andreas Freiherr <>
Date: Mon Mar 18 13:05:12 2002

Seung-Goo Kim wrote:
> I have Sony FDD named MFD-17W-L5(or MD-F17W-L5). It has black mounting panel and one selection switch that has 4 selections from 0 to 3. When the switch set 2, it works after booting. However, I cannot boot using this FDD. And the LED does not work during reading/writing. Please let me know how can I boot using this FDD and make LED run. My compuster is composed of super 7 M/B(PC-Chips M577) with AWADR BIOS, K6-233 CPU, and Windows 98se. Thanks...

And my answer is:

See, this list is dealing with computers that are _at_least_ ten years

I doubt any of your hardware qualifies for that, so maybe you better ask
again in one of those many PeeCee mailing lists that are around most

>From general technical knowledge (I hope never to be a PC expert at
all!): if the drive works fine after booting, then probably your BIOS
needs some tuning, like setting the boot order in which drives are
tried. If you have never touched those CMOS RAM settings yourself,
you'll want to ask someone for help with this.

Changing the switch on the drive will probably make it either drive A:
or B:, I guess; the other two positions will probably be useless for
mounting in a PC. They were for real computers, at times when real
computers would use floppy drives, and before the PCs messed up
everything accepted as standards before (like having four drive select
lines on ST506, not two as in "A: or B:") (or like setting drive
identity with a switch on the drive, not by twisting a cable).

Andreas Freiherr
Vishay Semiconductor GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany
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