MV-II Diags & Customer Diags

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Mon Mar 18 15:07:35 2002

Doc wrote:

> On Sun, 17 Mar 2002, Paul Thompson wrote:
>>With a full install of Ultrix there is a utility called itc which will do
>>image tape copies. I have successfully made an image of the Microvax Diag
>>and booted from the copies. It is possible that itc might run in Ultrix
>>compat. mode on netbsd. It is actually a c source code example installed
>>with the examples subsets.
> I don't have Ultrix. Care to email or post the source? Maybe it'll
> compile on NetBSD.

You don't need this. All you need is cptape, a nice little tool
available from the TUHS archive (under PDP-11/Tools or so). This
reads a tape and tells and copies the files into a directory (as
file.###) and it tells you the block sizes of each (and writes
those into a log file.) Then all you need to do is use sed(1) to
create dd(1) commands to write those files back to tape. Works
beautifully and was my rescue to get the MDM tape from TK70 to
TK50 media.


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