VT-320 Hack+Tip for Smokers

From: Carlini, Antonio <Antonio.Carlini_at_riverstonenet.com>
Date: Mon Mar 18 15:08:57 2002

>The LK201, 301 and 401 are interchangeable, regardless of the cpu
>used internally. There is NO VAX, Decmate, Pro version or
>rainbow version save for different colored key caps. I regually
>LKx01 where x={2,3,4} keyboards with any VAX, Decmate, VT220,
>320, 330, 340, Pro3xx and friends. They all used the same cord

        See ... told you I'd get it wrong. At least there actually is an
LK250 :-)

>I happen to prefer older LK201 for keyfeel, and later LK401s for
>the sculptured layout.

        LK401 roolz!

>The LK250 however is a TOTALLY different animal and uses
>different keycoding to be compatable with PCs or VAXmate
>(a sorta PC). There are several different cordsets for this one.

        Perhaps I can make up by offering a pointer
        to the VAXmate Tech Ref V1 at:

        This includes a description of the LK250 in Chapter 8.

        The LK201 is described in some detail in
        EK-104AA-TM-001 VCB02 Video Subsystem Technical Manual
        (see Appendix B for the LK201 and Appendix C for the Mouse)
        which is available at the same location.

        It is also described in the PC100 Technical Reference
        Manual, which I'll send over when I get a round tuit
        (same goes for the LK201 printset).

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