MVII Diags Chapter 2

From: Doc <>
Date: Mon Mar 18 15:52:07 2002

On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Gunther Schadow wrote:

> Wow, so that goes without the cptape program. The power of UNIX
> shell scripting :-). But once you have the cptape copy, it's a
> one-liner sed command to convert the log file in a series of dd
> calls to write the stuff back, including the 80 byte blocks.

  No, I used cptape to get the files off the original, just a really
crufty script to put 'em back. And I have a brand new sed & awk
O'Reilly text sitting in the den.

> Of course, that doesn't fix your broken source tape.

  I dunno if the source tape is broken. I don't have any verified good
eqipment to test with it... I think the SCSI TK50 was the problem. I
do know that I have a problem with the RQDX3 board, or the distribution
board, or a cable. The fact that the MFM formatter was hanging led me
to think the Diags were busted, but further testing with both tapes says
that the RQDXA is failing. Bah!

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