MVII Diags Chapter 2

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Tue Mar 19 01:25:16 2002

Doc wrote:

> On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Gunther Schadow wrote:
>>Wow, so that goes without the cptape program. The power of UNIX
>>shell scripting :-). But once you have the cptape copy, it's a
>>one-liner sed command to convert the log file in a series of dd
>>calls to write the stuff back, including the 80 byte blocks.
> No, I used cptape to get the files off the original, just a really
> crufty script to put 'em back. And I have a brand new sed & awk
> O'Reilly text sitting in the den.
>>Of course, that doesn't fix your broken source tape.
> I dunno if the source tape is broken. I don't have any verified good
> eqipment to test with it... I think the SCSI TK50 was the problem. I
> do know that I have a problem with the RQDX3 board, or the distribution
> board, or a cable. The fact that the MFM formatter was hanging led me
> to think the Diags were busted, but further testing with both tapes says
> that the RQDXA is failing. Bah!

BTW: any ida why mine barks at me I had disabled my MFM drive? The
RQDX3 passes the test fine, but doesn't detect any devices. I think
I put the cables together fine and checked that today. I see the
RX50 floppy react normally in terms of signalling write protect
on the console if I stick a write protected floppy in. But the
MFM drive does not have its LED lit and never seems to seek or do
anything other than spinning. Is that normal? Are there jumpers
to take care of? (That drive came from some old SUN.)


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