Apple II/IIgs bits

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Date: Mon Mar 18 21:52:22 2002

   Available for postage ($3.50 in the US). Condition unknown.

   Hayes Micromodem II, which Google indicates is for an Apple II. Looks good.
No cable, just the card.

   Applied Engineering Ramkeeper, which Google indicates is for a IIgs. Many
of the chips are a bit scratched -- it's obviously been in a pile of boards
for a while. This is supposed to be a battery-backed RAM board, but there's
no RAM or battery. There's a couple places where it looks like things used
to be glued to the board, and other possible damage. Probably not useful
except as a source of chips (has ROM revision RK 1.7, and other chips
labelled RK1A.N, RK2A.N, and RK3A.N).

   --James B.
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