TRS80 Model 1 question

From: Geoff Reed <>
Date: Mon Mar 18 23:04:18 2002

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>Then Randy Cook came out VTOS 4.0, but never finished it.
>"Documentation" was mostly just a feature list. The publisher (Adventure
>International/Scott Adams) wouldn't pay him royalties.
>Lobo Drives created a new expansion interface using a 179x chip for double
>density; TRS-DOS would not work with it. They purchased rights to VTOS,
>hired everybody they could get their hands on (such as Roy Soltoff aka
>Misosys), and came out with LDOS.
>Radio Shack came out with the model 3, and Model 3 TRS-DOS 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
>Radio Shack came out with their own version of the Percom Doubler (179x
>for model 1). And licensed LDOS, renaming it TRS-DOS 6. Randy Cook
>finally got royalties from Radio Shack.

Ldos was my fave TRS-80 OS
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