MV-II Diags Chapter 3

From: Clint Wolff <>
Date: Mon Mar 18 22:38:43 2002

Hi Doc,

My dog ate my diagnostic tapes, so can I purty please get a copy :)

I have a few things I might be able to replace your missing media
with. VMS 5.5-1 source on CDROM, Ultrix 4.4 (VAX and Mips) on CDROM,
Ultrix 3.1 (VAX) on TK50.... I'm still getting my file server set up,
so nothing except Ultrix 3.1 is online yet, but the others will
read quickly if you wish...

I have DSL at home, so I can pull files fairly quickly from your
site, or I can set up a ftp account you can put the files into...

Take care,

On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Doc Shipley wrote:

> WooHoo! Working copies of both the Maintenance & Customer
> diagnostic tapes!
> I'm almost ashamed of the way I got it done -- classic Unix "go with
> what you know" low-tech. I'm also not convinced the originals are
> reliable, but I am convinced I got true copies of them.
> The TKZ50-GA doesn't read the old tapes well at all, so I ended up
> doing the rips on the MV-II itself. The TUHS "cptape" utility, which
> copies each file from tape to disk and records blocksize for each file,
> extracted both tapes without error on the MV.
> So I've got the contents of the tape on disk, with 2/3 of the files
> having a blocksize of 80. The TUHS maketape doesn't know anything but
> N*512 blocksizes, so that's out, and the tape has to have a TapeMark at
> each file, so I can't just cat 'em all into a single file. I tried
> setting blocksize to 0 (variable) and running a dd loop, but the drive
> pukes with an "Undefined error" fairly quickly. So I just made a script
> that uses mt to set the blocksize every time it changes, and dd each
> file to tape. All 172 files. I couldn't remember how to compare file
> sizes in a test statement, so no loops. Bah!.
> It's the Kludge from Hell, but it works. Anybody with a Unix system &
> a TK<whatever> oughta be able to use it.
> The 2 tarballs are about 1.5MB each. Assuming you have a license to
> use it, I see no reason not to help replace your media. :^)
> Doc
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