MV-II Diags Chapter 3

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Tue Mar 19 13:57:21 2002

Doc wrote:

>>The obs determines the block size written to tape:
>>dd if=file.01 of=/dev/nrmt0 bs=80
> Tried that first off. I'm still not sure why it didn't work. I kind
> of suspect that dd was overrunning the TK50, and the mt commands allow
> the drive itself to set the pace?

Hmm, what OS are you running to do that? I had NetBSD as of
recent. I couldn't even find the mt for TK50 supporting anything
else than variable block size, but I haven't looked hard because
the dd always worked.

I think all there is to it with the block size is that once
you issue a write(2) call that's the block that ends up on
tape. With tapes that support variable length blocks that is.
The others will probably complain about overruns or underruns
when faced with a non matching write(2) data size.

>>1.5 MB? Mine was 5.5 MB and I have 255 files. What are you missing?
> The *tarball* is 5.5M? I don't know, but I got no errors and the "end
> of tape" message from cptape on both source tapes. What version Diags
> do you have?
> My tapes are labelled:

My tapes are not labelled. But I have 255 files on it. Magic number,
isn't it :-)


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