list changes & RFC on archives & rack chassis

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Wed Mar 20 11:54:33 2002

Jay West wrote:
> 1) Ok, here are the two things I was considering doing to change the mailing
> list settings....
> A) Reject posts to the list which contain any kind of HTML content. I think
> this would be fairly unobtrusive - most people don't want HTML posts here
> anyways. And - I would bet that most all SPAM contains some form of HTML, so
> this might not get rid of all SPAM forever, but I think it would make the
> very few that come here dwindle to even less. Comments?

Sounds good!

> B) I also like the 'self-policing' idea of making posts to the list from
> non-subscribers get a subject tag of [OL] or something like that. This one I
> am not sure how to do off the top of my head, but would think it pretty
> straightforward. Comments?

I like that idea. Someone else mentioned that in another email, too.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
Received on Wed Mar 20 2002 - 11:54:33 GMT

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