list changes & RFC on archives & rack chassis

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Wed Mar 20 12:38:20 2002

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Richard Erlacher wrote:
> Also, the fact that these items come up in searches certainly makes it
> important that the subject line be the actual subject of the post. There have
> been plenty of posts with a title of (just as an example) "MV2000 PSU" that
> are 20 posts down the road from the last even remotely related item. If every
> post to the list with that title produces a hit for the search engines looking
> for MV2000, I'd bet they get a lot of spambot fodder from that. What's more,
> if you want your posts to be locatable by the search engines, it certainly
> doesn't help that the discussion topic wanders under a completely irrelvant
> title.

Such as a search for "rack chassis"??
It is amusing to hear complaints about failure to update subject line
under an unupdated subject line.

> The HTML filter would certainly be a good idea. Once people realize their
> HTML posts don't find their way to distribution, they'll take the 1 second to
> turn that feature off.

I like it, and I HATE HTML mail, BUT, . . .
the majority of people sending HTML with Outhouse, etc. can NOT turn that
feature off in 1 second, because
1) they don't know how
2) they don't know what HTML IS
3) they are in denial - "I looked at it on MY screen, and it IS nothing
but text!; it's already the simplest, easiest to read font that I have,
should I switch to a lighter colored background?"

I assume that the [OL] tag would be automatically generated. Otherwise
you would have a 0% compliance, since the only people who would both know
about the requirement and be willing to comply would be those who ARE on
the list.

Grumpy Ol' Fred
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