Source code for 805x line-by-line assembler?

From: Ben Franchuk <>
Date: Thu Mar 21 23:04:55 2002

John Chris Wren wrote:
> The reason for that is generally memory. The Apple II monitor had a nice
> little one built in, and it was a work of art, as far as the opcode
> compression and decoding table went. One time (many years ago), I stripped
> that portion out of the Apple monitor for another personal project. You
> could do the same. It wasn't very difficult to do, just a bit of typing.

The 6502 has a very simple and regular instruction set that is easy to
What is 805x controler like?

> > The 805x microcontrollers have been around since the mid-80's,
> > yet I've never
> > seen a monitor program for them with a "quick-and-dirty" line-by-line
> > assembler in it as many of the debuggers for the MOT monitors
> > have. Do any of
> > you guys have a source file of a line-by-line assembler for the
> > 805x series
> > that can easily be adapted for inclusion in a monitor?

Lets not forget a version of basic for the apple was all hand coded with
no real source?
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