Symbolics 3620 screen issues

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Fri Mar 22 18:04:58 2002

Its a pretty simple problem. Somethings wrong with the termination
of the video signal, which is most likely a ECL-level differential signal
to the monitor (which has a lot of electronics inside). Not standard at

Check your cables and (fancy) connectors. Could be the cables as much or
more than the monitor itself.

Tony Eros wrote:

> I've seeing some screen jitters on the screen of my Symbolics 3620. The
> characters are sort of doubled up and horizontally offset, as if you had
> two copies of the same text on a pair of overhead slides, lined them up one
> over the other and then moved the top one about a half-character to the
> right. Take the whole thing, make it kind of blurry and you have the
> effect I see.
> Is this a standard sort of monitor problem that is easily fixed by tweaking
> some internal pot (I hope!) or is it likely some bigger problem? Does
> anyone have any maintenance documentation on this beast or a spare monitor
> they don't need?
> Thanks!
> -- Tony
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