SIMTEL (was Re: Source code for 805x line-by-line assembler?)

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Mar 22 23:50:18 2002

I found a number of hits there from GOOGLE, but found, also, that they were
apparently out of date and inaccessible.

A traditional macro-assembler is a wonderful tool, but probably inappropriate
for inclusion in a debug monitor intended to reside in the processor's
on-board ROM.

I'm wanting to stuff a debugger with line-by-line assembly/disassembly
capability comparable to MSDOS' DEBUG or, at least, CP/M's DDT, to coreside
with a relatively powerful debugger in the on-board FLASH in an 89C420. This
part can run the debugger from its internal ROM, yet, by means of a little SFR
trickery, run application code in a full 64K code space map in external
memory, together with a full (almost) 64K external data RAM map as well. I
find that notion appealing. That way I don't have to make last-minute tweaks
tethered to a PC, but, rather, can operate in native mode.


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> > From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
> > Personal preference here is for the traditional macro assembler
> > generating .HEX files... SIMTEL has quite an extensive collection
> > of software for the 8031/8032/8051/8052 and derivatives...
> Doug, does the SIMTEL20 repository still exist? Where?
> I don't mean where all the DOS and Windows stuff is . . .
> Glen
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